Fucking Reality :) Ü


I love falling in love' but i must admit that when you love someone you will also get hurt BUT incase of that IM MUCH READY now.

Don't annoy me because I can be your worst enemy. I'm pretty much reserved and quiet but I know how to handle fun and I can surely rock life without regrets.

I love to cheer up people, not to fool them around.

I can keep them as long as they want.


-- roxane landrito cuenca :)!

If I had a drink for every fuck I gave about you, I’d be intoxicated forever. I’d drink myself to death.

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I hate how the people who really get you are the ones you can never hold on to for very long. And the ones who don’t understand you at all stick around.

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Sometimes you climb out of bed in the morning and you think, I’m not going to make it, but you laugh inside — remembering all the times you’ve felt that way.

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